Chhainsa READ Center

In Chhainsa village, in Haryana, India, fifteen women are earning a living while helping to sustain their local READ Center through a dairy cooperative.

Chhainsa Dairy Cooperative

The cooperative provides a regular source of income to the women, who did not have a livelihood before. READ India seed-funded the dairy cooperative by giving the women interest-free loans of INRs 20,000 ($370) to purchase cattle for milking.

The READ staff provided training on animal husbandry and health, as well as methods to increase milk yields.

The Center collects milk from the women on a daily basis and the milk is then sold to local markets at a marginal profit.

On a monthly basis, the cooperative sells close to 2,000 liters of milk, generating INRs 25 ($0.50) per liter.

A portion of the profits goes towards supporting the operational costs of the Center, while the rest provides an income for the women.

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Chaainsa Dairy Co-op

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