Subhadra's Story

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Subhadra's Story

Eighty-four year old Subhadra grew up in a Nepali village where most people were illiterate and lived below the poverty line.

She wanted future generations to be educated, so she donated the only thing she had - a dowry of her family's land worth $25,000 - to build a READ Center in her village.

The Jana Jagaran READ Center opened in 2013, and the village responded to Subhadra's generosity by setting an audacious goal: to achieve a 100% literacy rate. In 2014 alone, the Center provided 77 literacy trainings across the area in partnership with the Nepali government.

An incredible 1,336 villagers have learned to read as a result.

Subhadra herself attends literacy classes at the Center, proving that it's never too late to learn to read. Her legacy ensures that younger generations will have opportunities she never had growing up.

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Subhadra recognized at opening ceremony

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