Somlal and Indira's Story

Somlal Chaudhary and his wife Indira lived in a small mud house in the rural village of Jhuwani, Nepal. After having a child, they wanted to be able to provide their family with something more.

Beekeeping in Jhuwani

Both were members of the Jhuwani READ Center, and they decided to participate in livelihood skills trainings in beekeeping, mushroom farming and seasonal vegetable gardening. Indira became a member of the women’s savings and credit cooperative at the Center, and after receiving a loan she began her own mushroom business.

She has successfully sold more than 1,000kg of mushrooms, and has also learned to keep a written record of her accounts.

Somlal started a beekeeping and honey production business, and now has around 50 beehives. He is now the primary trainer for beekeeping and mushroom farming at the Jhuwani Center.

With the profits from their businesses, Indira and Somlal have been able to purchase a new, sturdy brick home, and can afford to send their children to school.

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Chaudhary Family

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