Mr. Ashis Sanyal

Mr. Ashis Sanyal is the former Senior Director of the Department of Information Technology for the Government of India. He brings more than thirty-seven years of experience in communications, engineering and information communications technology to the READ team. Mr. Sanyal started his professional career as an Engineer in the Ministry of Communications of the Government of India, and has worked in the Ministry in various capacities in the areas of radio spectrum management and related fields, terrestrial microwave and satellite communication network planning and management. Mr. Sanyal has published more than 45 technical papers in various areas of Electronics, Communication Engineering, System Design and e-Governance activities in Indian and international journals. He has delivered more than 2000 hours of Capacity Building tutorials on various aspects of e-Governance and related areas to the State Government officials and Workshops, Conferences, Seminars etc. He is also Consulting Editor for e-Governance and Good Governance Magazines. Ashis has a Masters of Technology degree in Microwave Communications Engineering from Calcutta University, India.

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