Ms. Sohini Battacharya

As the director for partnerships for South Asia Ashoka Innovators for the Public, Ms. Sohini Battacharya handles all strategic partnerships in India, Sri Lanka and Nepal, and assists the global development team in institution building and development. Previously, as the director for venture in India, she expanded Ashoka’s program and fellowships in the country, provided leadership to the venture team and created a platform for Ashoka and social entrepreneurship in the country. She also was a consultant for the Ashoka Fellows program and helped set up a second Ashoka Fellow in Sanhita. Prior to joining Ashoka in 2000, Ms. Battacharya worked in the field of economic development with a special focus on women. As a program officer at the Child In Need Institute (CINI) she worked to launch a new income-generation and micro-credit program for rural women. She sits on the board of CREA, an organization working to enhance women’s leadership.

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