What is the impact of a READ Center?

A READ center can be the catalyst for uplifting and transforming an entire community. Community members gain access to empowering information and skills and the community develops a new sense of ownership and control.

Co-creating a READ Center with a community is a critical component of our work. This safe space intentionally brings together diverse community members, especially women and youth, where they can access transformative programs and information that allows them to earn more, make better decisions for their children, grow a more prosperous community.

READ Centers are vibrant community institutions that work to achieve outcomes across four key areas:

1. Increase access to, usage of, and exchange of, knowledge, information, and resources.

Percentage of center users reported that they would not have access to some or all of the information that they do if it weren’t for the READ Center.  Bhutan 100% – India 86% – Nepal 84%


2. Increase economic opportunities

Percentage of center users surveyed after attending livelihood trainings who reported that what they learned in the training would be somewhat or very beneficial to them. Bhutan 89% – India 95% – Nepal 81%


3. Increase women’s empowerment

Percentage of women who report that their confidence has increased moderately or significantly since coming to the READ Center. Bhutan 68% – India 68% – Nepal 69%


4. Increase community ownership and engagement

Percentage of center users who believe that their opinions have influence over decisions about their READ Center’s programming and resources. Bhutan 75% – India 59% – Nepal 31%


Access the full details of our 2017 Annual Report to go beyond this high-level summary to understand the impact of a READ Center.

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