Ms. Kezang Choden

Country Director

Kezang Choden’s journey with READ Bhutan started in July 2010 when she assumed the role of a Field Coordinator. Over the years, she has worn various hats within the organization, evolving from Program Officer (2012-2015) to Program Manager (2016-April 2019), and subsequently, Country Manager (May 2019-2021). With over thirteen years of dedicated experience in community development, Kezang has cultivated a deep proficiency in literacy, education, women’s empowerment, and economic empowerment.

As the current Country Director, Kezang Choden bears the responsibility of overseeing all operations and programs at READ Bhutan. Her extensive portfolio includes the successful management of numerous community development projects, collaboration with diverse donors and partners, and a wealth of experience in effectively mobilizing communities to champion READ Bhutan’s developmental initiatives across all nine READ Centers in the country.

Prior to READ Bhutan, Kezang worked for Kuzoo FM, a dynamic youth radio station, where she served as the program coordinator. She graduated from North Bengal University in India, earning honors in literature in 2006. Additionally, she holds a post-graduate diploma in radio journalism from the Asian College of Journalism in Chennai, India.


Ms. Ms Tandin Bidha

Finance and Administration Officer

Tandin Bidha joined READ Bhutan in June 2023 as a Finance and Administration Officer. Within READ Bhutan, Tandin’s role is multifaceted, encompassing a wide range of responsibilities that fall under the financial and administrative domains. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree from the esteemed Royal Thimphu College in Bhutan, Tandin Bidha brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her position. Her professional journey has been marked by a diverse array of roles in the Finance and Accounting sector, honing her skills and expertise in the management and oversight of financial operations.

With a proven track record of excellence as an accountant, spanning over a year of outstanding performance, Tandin is deeply committed to leveraging her expertise to drive significant enhancements in READ Bhutan’s success story. Her dedication to the organization’s financial health and her knack for efficient administrative support make her an invaluable asset to the team.

Ms. Rinchen Choden

Program Officer

Rinchen Choden joined READ Bhutan team in August 2012 when she assumed the role of Field Coordinator. In 2022, she transitioned to the position of Program Officer, showcasing her dedication and expertise in community development initiatives, with over a decade of experience
under her belt.

Within READ Bhutan, Rinchen plays a pivotal role in the management of numerous community development projects, fostering collaboration with partners, and mobilizing communities to champion READ Bhutan’s impactful initiatives across the regions where READ Bhutan operates.

Rinchen holds a Bachelor of Science in Human Ecology with a focus on Social Technology (Development Studies) from the University of the Philippines, Los Baños. During her four-year tenure there, she actively engaged with grassroots organizations, contributing to community development and livelihood programs. Rinchen further honed her skills through on-the-job training with Aboitiz Power Renewable Inc. within their CSR department in the Philippines. Notably, she completed a three-month internship with the UNDP Environment unit in Bhutan, further enriching her understanding of sustainable development practices.

Ms. Ms Dema Yeshi

Field Officer

Dema Yeshi joined READ Bhutan in June 2023 as a Field Officer. Within the READ Bhutan organization, Dema shoulders the important responsibility of managing and executing READ Bhutan’s programs in the communities where READ maintains a presence. Her primary focus is on collaborating with these communities to enhance the impact of existing READ Centers while also overseeing the implementation of READ Bhutan initiatives.

Dema holds a Bachelor of Arts in Buddhist Studies from the Institute of Science of Mind. She takes immense pride in her role as a dedicated member of the READ Bhutan team, driven by a profound commitment to the organization’s mission.

In her career journey, Dema has had the privilege of serving as a Senior Reporter for Dzongkha Newspapers (Gyalchi Sarshog), specializing in comprehensive rural reporting. With a solid foundation built over two years of professional experience, Dema is unwavering in her determination to demonstrate her competence as a Field Officer within the organization and contribute to the betterment of the communities served by READ Bhutan

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