We are proud to work with corporations, foundations, and governments from around the world to support our work in rural communities. Partners help deepen our impact and expand the breadth of our work, through knowledge sharing, program partnerships financial capital, and in-kind support. For a list of READ’s current featured partners, click here.

Ways to partner with READ:

Corporate Engagement

Corporate partners provide financial resources and technical support to grow our programs and organizational capacity. They also provide the leverage of their networks and brand credibility for READ.

Partnerships give corporates the opportunity to invest in the economic growth of rural and semi-urban areas in countries where they operate, and to demonstrate to customers, employees, and partners their desire to realize their corporate values.

For more information, contact partners@readglobal.org.

Foundation Support

Foundations often provide funding for program innovation, monitoring and evaluation, building robust and scalable systems and infrastructure, and growing our human capital – areas of our business that are often overlooked but are critical to our ability to deliver quality programs and to create a sustainable organization.

For more information, contact partners@readglobal.org.

NGO and Implementing Partners

READ offers local communities training programs in education, economic empowerment, technology, women’s empowerment, health, agriculture, and more. These programs are supported by our key global and local implementing partners. Working in collaboration with partner organizations helps us build upon the strengths of existing work and also ensures long-term sustainability of our programs.

For more information, contact info@readglobal.org.

Direct Donations

Your company, foundation or organization can invest directly in READ Global, either in our area of greatest need or for a specific program or country.

For more information, contact donations@readglobal.org.

Employee Giving Programs and Corporate Matching

Matching gift or payroll deduction programs can greatly benefit your company’s public relations, as well as employee/employer relations. Employees can always select their company for a match when they give through our donate page.

If you would like to set up a payroll deduction program, please contact us at donations@readglobal.org.

Corporate / Organization Fundraisers

Fundraising campaigns are a great way to engage individual employees and support on-the-ground projects. Once the fundraising campaign is launched, events can be a fun way to mobilize your network around the cause. To learn about the types of projects you can fundraise for, visit our Start a Fundraiser page. For support in developing your fundraiser, read our Fundraising Toolkit.

If you are interested in fundraising to sponsor an entire READ Center project, please contact us at donations@readglobal.org.

In-Kind Donations

You can donate products or services to support READ Global, either to directly support our programs, or for use in auctions for fundraising events.

For more information, please contact us at donations@readglobal.org.

Cause-related Marketing Promotions / Commercial Co-Ventures

Companies that sell products aligned with READ’s mission and values can donate a percentage of product revenues to READ Global. This can benefit the company’s PR, increase sales and bolster brand loyalty. We ask that a commercial co-venture agreement be signed in advance.

If you are interested in a cause-related marketing promotion, please email us at media@readglobal.org.

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