Mahendar’s Journey

Mahendar Kumar Saini, 19, of Geejgarh Village was brought up in a humble family – his father a farmer and his mother a house wife. With two younger siblings, Mahendar’s parents could not afford his education beyond high school.

When Mahendar heard about the computer trainings at his village’s READ Center, he jumped at the opportunity to enroll. He proved to be an incredibly strong learner, and was eager to share his newfound skill set with the next generation by teaching computer basics to small children. Mahendar worked as a children’s volunteer at the Geejgarh Center for one year, and also worked as a Computer Trainer at an another READ Center for over two months.

Since then, Mahendar has received a scholarship for a polytechnic college, and is currently pursuing a Civil Engineering degree. He also assists the Geejgarh Center staff in troubleshooting computer hardware issues.

“I am thankful to the Center and the resource person for giving me a platform to enhance my skills. Through this training, I have not only learned computer skills, but it has also enhanced confidence and built up a belief in myself.”

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