Better Small Farming Practices in Pipaldali Marg, Nepal

A Nepalese woman stands in her field of vegetables holding a large, leafy green one.

Our approach to supporting change across Asia puts women in charge of community-wide efforts, which means that the change is sustained and will impact future generations as well. We provide safe spaces and educational programs for entire communities, especially for women who have created lasting change for themselves, their families and their whole communities.

This is Radha Dhakal. When given the opportunity for this kind of advancement, Radha seized it and began building a better future for her family by participating in a program about smarter farming practices offered at her local READ Center in Pipaldali Marg, Nepal.

She wanted to increase her own income so her family didn’t have to depend on money from her son’s work abroad. Prior to enrolling in these agricultural programs, she wasn’t growing enough crops to feed her family, let alone to sell for a profit so they could start to save. During challenging seasons, loss of crops was problematic and put her family’s food and financial security at risk.

“The programs conducted in the library under Practical Answers Service programs helped me build my confidence and my career in agriculture” ~Radha

In the Practical Answers program at her local READ Center, Radha learned essential agricultural skills, including how to select high-yield seeds, organic fertilizing practices, how to manage her fields better, and financial literacy training to help manage her newfound profits. As Radha saw early success with her crops, she grew more confident that she could support her whole family and brighten their future.

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