Swathi Massar

Board Member at READ Global and Vice President for Organizational Inclusion and Chief of Staff at Mercy Corps

Swathi Massar has over 15 years of experience strengthening and driving inclusion  in organizations across the globe, particularly in conflict-affected and post-conflict  settings. Major efforts she has led include the incubation, growth, and  independence of an NGO dedicated to promoting justice for Syria and strengthening and promoting an inclusive community development model in South  Asia that builds sustained community cohesion and development. Swathi has a deep understanding and passion for the READ model of community  engagement as she led the team while at IREX to compile report on READ Nepal.  She has traveled to all READ Global countries and has a deep understanding of  implementation. Swathi is dedicated to listening and learning from all team members at all  levels and is excited to help amplify READ’s voice globally.

In her current role at Mercy Corps, a global humanitarian and development  organization dedicated to alleviating suffering, poverty, and oppression, Swathi is  leading Mercy Corps’ Gender, Diversity, and Inclusion priority to ensure that the  organization becomes more equitable and inclusive in all the contexts where it  operates. 


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