Vishnu Sharma's Story

Vishnu was always the shy one in his class – timid, nervous, and untalkative to other classmates and teachers. Although he was a bright boy with a very creative mind, he had little access to books, computers, or other learning materials, and this took a heavy toll on his self-confidence.

Everything changed after the launch of the READ Center in Wazirabad, India earlier this year. As he started attending READ Center classes regularly, Vishnu began to develop a passion for reading. He checked out books from the READ library on a daily basis while also continuing to excel in his computer class. Both his digital literacy and love for books grew deeper, and Vishnu began transforming into a completely different student.


His ability to unlock new ideas and information through stories and the internet had instilled a self-assurance that he didn't have access to before. With this newfound confidence, he began to build friendships in his classroom, be at the forefront of classroom activities, and answer his teacher’s questions without hesitation.

“Before, we had nothing to do after school,” Vishnu says of his group of friends. “Now, whenever I get time, I come to the library and read books and participate in all the Center activities, which has helped me be more confident and have less stage-fright. I feel that our village has got a wonderful opportunity through READ Center.”