Kailashi's Story

When Kailashi was two years old, her right leg was damaged by polio, and as a result she was never able to walk easily.

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When she was a child, she was made fun of by her peers because of her condition. Discouraged, Kailashi decided not to go to school, and she was married at age 18. Her husband’s family was not supportive of her because she was illiterate, not physically fit, and unable to provide an income to support the family.

In 2011, Kailashi heard about a women’s literacy program being offered at a READ Center a few kilometers from her home.

Determined to become more independent, Kailashi signed up for the course despite her disability. Every day for 45 days, Kailashi made the arduous journey to the READ Center - even walking through puddles of water and mud during rainy season, ruining her clothes.

After just one month, Kailashi was able to read and write basic sentences.

As a result, her self-confidence has increased tremendously. Feeling empowered, Kailashi enrolled herself in a sewing training program offered at the READ Center in early 2013. After completing the 3-month course, she plans to start her own tailoring business so she can make an income to support her family.

What’s more, Kailashi learned about her rights for persons with disabilities through her READ Center. She was able to obtain a Disability Certificate from her local government body, which will provide her with a regular subsidy and allowances from the Government of India.

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