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In Jhuwani, Nepal, over 60% of mothers suffer from uterine prolapse, and 80% of women never visit a hospital during pregnancy.

Dol Kumari

To address this need, the Jhuwani READ Center created a multimedia program, “My Digital Friend for My Healthy Life,” which improves access to appropriate healthcare for pregnant women. The program includes a gynecology health camp and audiovisual materials, both aimed at raising awareness of uterine prolapse and improving reproductive health. The Center also provides check-ups for pregnant women and newly married couples.

In just five months, 87 women had health check-ups and met with gynecologists. Of those women, 12 cases of uterine prolapse were identified and treated.

One of those women is Dol Kumari Sapkota, who married at the age of nine, and was a mother of two by her sixteenth birthday.

She experienced uterine prolapse, making walking, household chores, and even sitting extremely painful. Despite her constant pain, she was ashamed of her condition and kept it a secret for 25 years.

When Dol heard about My Digital Friend for My Healthy Life, she went to the Jhuwani Center and received a free health check-up. She was diagnosed with uterine prolapse and soon thereafter had surgery. She has since recovered and her daily life has improved dramatically.

“I am feeling good after [the] operation. I am relieved of the burden that I have been carrying for 25 years,” she said. “So far, I have no problem doing daily household work.”

Not surprisingly, Dol has also been educating her neighbors and other women about uterine prolapse and suggests that they visit the hospital regularly. READ sees this frequently in partner communities—when one person benefits from a service or program accessed at a READ Center, they want to pay it forward!

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Dol smiling after her prolapse surgery

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