Libraries Provide Health Services in India

Women discussing health at library

Health is vital to the prosperity of rural villagers, who are often isolated from critical resources that are only available at hospitals in larger cities. Simple treatments like vaccinations, eye exams, and annual check-ups can make the difference between a child who can’t go to school and one who is engaged in the classroom. To bridge this gap, READ India has implemented both preventative health programs and treatments as a core component of programming in its Centers.

  • All READ India Centers conduct health clinics to provide quality health services to local communities. These clinics have provided children with eyeglasses, organized blood drives, provided check-ups, and promoted sanitation practices.
  • The WASH program equips children at the Chhainsa READ Center’s school with information on basic sanitation practices, immunizations, and nutrition. The program’s materials are also shared with the students’ parents, ensuring that healthy habits are adopted by all family members.
  • Telemedicine is available at many READ Centers, where local villagers, who may not have access to hospitals, are connected with medical experts and testing equipment via the Internet. Once a diagnosis is made, patients are referred to one of the government’s mobile health services units for treatment.

READ India is proving that libraries offer more than books – they serve as innovative platforms for better health and vitality of rural villagers.

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