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Redefining Tradition: Women Challenge the Dowry System

“In our community, we do not have money, people are not educated, we cannot speak elegantly, that’s why we need to come together, we need to work together. We joined […]

Meet Sunita – Sports, Scholarships, and Choice

For most Nepali women, to even consider wearing shorts is progressive. In our latest video, we see one of our featured READ center members, Sunita (16 years old), sporting her classic […]

Libraries Reach the Unreached in South Asia

Despite widespread efforts over the past fifteen years to improve education in South Asia – mostly through access to primary education – the ground reality is that hundreds of millions […]

11 Things You Might Not Know About Global Poverty

1 Inequality between the wealthiest and poorest people on the planet is shocking. Just 85 people have the same amount of money as almost half of the global population. Imagine […]

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