Our Vision for 2022 and Beyond

We celebrated READ Global’s 30 year anniversary this year! Starting from a single library in Nepal, we have expanded to Bhutan and India and have established a total of 112 READ Centers in South Asia, providing access to 2.52 million people.

As we enter into another decade of impact, our board and staff embarked on a strategic planning process to further articulate our mission, vision, and priorities. This video embodies READ Global’s values and approach, which will lead our work for years to come.

READ Global envisions a world where individuals, families, and entire communities have access to the knowledge, resources, and opportunities necessary to shape their own prosperous futures and build cohesive, resilient, and inclusive societies. 

The groundwork necessary to build this world in READ communities has already been laid by the READ Bhutan, READ India, and READ Nepal country teams. They have  as they facilitated the creation of self-sustaining, community-owned and led library and resource centers that serve as catalysts for unlocking a community’s programmatic, social, and economic potential. 

But we need to take more big steps in 2022. These include fostering new, robust learning and sharing capacities to evaluate and inform our work, forging bold new international partnerships to deliver the best programming on the ground, and establishing a stronger presence in other countries and communities that could benefit from the READ model.

Are you excited about a future of empowered individuals and rural communities, equipped with the skills and resources they need to build brighter futures?

Now is the time to join us! Donate now to support this next chapter in our powerful mission.

Wishing you a warm and happy New Year from everyone at READ Global.

READ Global

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