Introducing International Women’s Education Day

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This guest blog post is written by Osmara Vindel, creator of The Butterfly Club. Osmara and her peers are generously raising funds for women’s resources and empowerment programs at the Badhikel READ Center in Nepal.


On July 13, take a stand and build awareness for women’s education worldwide in the first ever International Women’s Education Day!

We are currently living in unprecedented times. Never before has there been a greater need for knowledge, information, and learning – especially for women. In South Asia, more than half of women can’t read, and a majority live below the poverty line in rural areas that lack access to educational resources and opportunities.

Never before has the potential to address these challenges been so great. Today, we can create and disseminate knowledge worldwide at lightning speed. Thanks to the Internet, social media, and the ever-increasing rate of innovation to solve our world’s most pressing issues, we are living in a time unlike any before.

I believe strongly in the power of education in women’s lives, in their communities, and in the world, which is why I am raising funds alongside The Butterfly Club members to provide women’s resources and empowerment programs at the Badhikel READ Center in Nepal, and why we are establishing International Women’s Education Day on July 13th.


Why is global women’s education so important and so worthwhile?


On July 13, take a stand with us for international women’s education. Here’s how you can get involved:

  • Visit the International Women’s Day “Thunderclap” campaign site and share through social media why you’re passionate about women’s education with the hash tag #KeepOnLearning.
  • Support women’s educational resources and programming at the READ Center in Badikhel, Nepal: you can make a donation here, or you can become a Butterfly Club member on July 13, and we will donate a portion of your new membership signup.

An Educated Woman Will…

Fight Poverty.

Rise Above Inequality.

Lift Her Community.

Share Her Knowledge.

Shift the World.

Together, we can transform lives through education.

About the guest author:

Osmara Vindel

Osmara Vindel, The Butterfly Club

Named one of the ‘Top Young Leaders of Miami’ by Latino Leaders Magazine, Osmara Vindel, MBA, is the author of the 2012 Amazon bestseller, The Unleashing, and an inspirational speaker and trainer. She has also appeared on CNN Español and most recently, in The Miami Herald. She is the founder of The Butterfly Club, and is behind the launch of International Women’s Education Day.

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