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Nepali Community Becomes Fully Literate

“At last, I can write my name and address!” says Subhagya Mahato, a 40-year-old woman from Bacchauli, Nepal, who is happy to finally be able to recognize the Nepali alphabet, and to no longer have to use her fingerprint as a signature. In a country with an overall literacy rate of only 60% (less than […]

11 Things You Might Not Know About Global Poverty

1 Inequality between the wealthiest and poorest people on the planet is shocking. Just 85 people have the same amount of money as almost half of the global population. Imagine what could happen if the world spread the wealth – just $1 a day could double a person’s income. 2 1 in 4 children in […]

A Journey in Images: READ Model Center, Nepal

This is the second of a two-part guest blogger series from READ Nepal volunteer Melanie Avery on her experience with READ Global in Nepal. Have you ever wondered what a READ Center looks like? I hadn’t even heard of a READ Center until this year when I started volunteering at the non-profit organization READ Global […]

Being an “Illiterate” Australian in Nepal

This is the first of a two-part guest blogger series from READ Nepal volunteer Melanie Avery on her experience with READ Global in Nepal. Ka, Kha, Ga, Gha, Nga – my favorite letters of the Nepali alphabet. As an Australian living in Nepal, the national script Devanagari is foreign to me, as is the spoken […]

A Mother-Daughter Perspective on Poverty in Nepal

This post is written by Betsy Borrelli, a READ Global Board Member, proud mother, and Senior Vice President, Reputation Management & Crisis, for the global communications agency FleishmanHillard. I am a very proud mother of a girl that I adopted as an infant from Nepal. She is now nearly nine- years-old, and this April I […]

The Unexpected Benefits of Literacy in Nepal

A 70-year-old Nepali woman told me that, after having learned to read, she can die happy. She values her education over her belongings since, as she said: “Everyone will die one day leaving behind all possessions, but you can carry what you have learned.” In Nepal, only 46.7% of women can read, compared to 71.1% […]

Building a future beyond polio and illiteracy in India

Imagine at age 16, you are living in poverty, illiterate, and disabled because of polio. What would your future look like? This past week marked an historic occasion: the WHO officially declared that polio has been eradicated in India and ten other Asian countries. Yet what of the millions of polio survivors in India who […]

Where women go to learn their letters and become leaders

This is a guest post by Anh Ton of the The Asian Philanthropy Forum that originally appeared on their site, featuring READ Global’s work to empower women globally. A lot of people like to say they find refuge among books. When they say this, they usually mean it figuratively: books give them comfort and books […]

To rise out of poverty Asian women head to the library

This article was featured in The Christian Science Monitor, and originally appeared at Global Envision, a blog published by Mercy Corps. “Being born a girl is worthless,” said Chuna Devi, a Nepalese woman. Because her family didn’t think her education was a priority, she grew up illiterate, herding goats and cows. Women make up just […]

READ India expands to Uttar Pradesh

On September 25, READ India opened its 10th Center in India and its first in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Three-quarters of the state’s population lives in rural areas, and 33% of its rural residents are illiterate. The Aghapur READ Center will provide 11,500 villagers with access to essential educational resources, including a library, computers, […]

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