A Year of Growth, Happiness, and Reading in Bhutan


“You must read about everything around you – not just subjects that interest you. You must learn about current events, history, science, culture and people around the world- the pursuit of knowledge must be lifelong.” – His Majesty the Fifth Druk Gyalpo

In order to be effective, learning must go beyond repetitive tasks and curriculum. The learning process must be creative, exciting, and engaging – especially when trying to capture the attention of young learners.

The King of Bhutan embraced this concept when he declared 2015 the National Reading Year. This is one of the latest initiatives to support the progress of Gross National Happiness, which centers on economic growth and empowerment, along with values like kindness, equality, and humanity.

Throughout the year, all schools and institutions are encouraged to provide interesting activities aimed at instilling reading habits in young children.

Bhutanese child

In support of the National Reading Year, READ Bhutan has developed the Reading Sense program to promote a love of reading and improve writing skills in the community. At our Changjiji READ Center, this new program has piloted a series of coordinated activities that bring the community members together to nurture a playful environment while learning the importance of sharing stories. From journals and book clubs, to a reading buddy program and story time – all participants are encouraged to make reading a daily habit.

Bhutanese child

READ Bhutan is thrilled to be collaborating with the country’s bold literacy efforts. These exciting new learning opportunities are sure to boost economic empowerment across Bhutan, and they will work seamlessly with READ’s mission of empowering communities with education.

Please help us continue to provide rural communities with engaging educational activities by giving what you can today.


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