This Is Cause For Celebration!

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With International Literacy Day coming and going earlier this week (be sure to check out our inspiring Profiles of Empowerment if you haven’t already), we’re so proud of our READ Centers’ celebratory activities and the impact they made in their communities. Without a doubt, this was READ’s most successful Literacy Day yet!

In Bhutan, READ Center members created touching, personal art that illustrated why their literacy classes are important to them.

Literacy Day activites

Our India Centers celebrated with a day full of vibrant and educational art projects, and our Nepal Centers organized lively debates with topics such as “Education vs. Money: Which is more important?” with fun prizes for the winning team.

Literacy Day activites

While these communities’ celebrations of literacy are truly inspiring, we must keep in mind how much work there is to be done. The fact is: 53% of people in South Asia are still illiterate and 67% live on less than two dollars a day.

READ’s approach to alleviating poverty – using literacy as a foundation for many other economic empowerment programs – is a PROVEN, effective method. But don’t take out word for it; just ask Devi Maya, a 50 year old woman who struggled to make ends meet until she attended READ livelihood trainings, and now runs a small business and has a savings fund. You could also ask Vishnu Sharma, a 12 year old Indian boy who suffered from low self-esteem until he developed a love of books and computers at his local READ Center.

In honor of International Literacy Day, I want to make the biggest impact that READ possibly can this week. I’m so proud of what our Centers are accomplishing in South Asia’s most impoverished communities, but this work is only possible with your support. Please take a moment to empower people like Devi and Vishnu by donating what you can.

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Thanks so much for supporting our work to reach millions of rural villagers across South Asia through education, and thanks for celebrating International Literacy Day with us!

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